An Introduction To Connectors

Every house or office today is equipped with a multitude of connectors. Connectors are devices used for mating and de-mating electrical power connections.

Connectors are responsible for power transfers and information transfers among machines and people that are spread over different locations. This is usually a mechanical or optical coupling device that provides a demountable connection between two fibers or a fiber and a source or detector. This component connects conductors of one circuit with those of another circuit. It is used to provide rapid connection or disconnection mating with a personal computer board or another connector. A housing becomes a connector when it contains the specified number of contacts (with conductors) to make it functional.Butt Connectors

A connector is different from a splice. A splice is a device that joins conducting or transmitting media permanently; it is used to join physical media that conduct or transmit power or a communication signal. Connectors join things temporarily, while splices are only done when wires are to be permanently joined.

Different electrical and electronic equipments have different set of wires and every wire has a different set of connectors. There are so many different types of connectors that it is often difficult to understand where it is to be fitted. Even worse, one may buy a replacement cable that simply has the wrong connectors. If the connectors don’t fit, it is often possible to just replace the connector rather then returning the entire piece of equipment. Advice from a good hardware installation expert is recommended while troubleshooting any issues pertaining to connectors.

When one buys a connector, one should enquire about its cost, its compatibility with other connectors, ease of use, the energy saving factor and the total number of connections possible. Connector technology is constantly expanding and laying new trends in the market and a buyer is advised to always check these trends prior to choosing a conductor for specific equipment.



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