Custom Golf Clubs – An Overview

When you hear the term custom golf clubs, what comes into your mind? If you are one of the majority of golf players that I talk to, then your answer might probably one of the following misconceptions – custom clubs are very pricey, they are only for the professional players, or they cannot compare to superior brand clubs. Before we shed some light into these misconceptions, we need to Vclubshop know exactly what they are and why are they used by more and more golfers.

Custom golf clubs are clubs that deviate from the configurations of standard clubs. For instance, most manufacturer’s make a standard set of eight clubs 3-pw. If you have clubs that are built differently, that can be considered as custom made. Custom clubs are clubs that have an assortment of grips and shafts and are made especially to suit your unique physical characteristics and golf swing.

It’s not true that custom clubs are built only for professional golf players. You can benefit from customization! Let’s compare the idea Vclubshop of customizing clubs to purchasing new clothes. You don’t go to a lot of business meetings and don’t really need an altered suit. But you can choose to get a suit from the clothes shop and have it altered to fit. It doesn’t really matter if you have a complete set or just want a few of your clubs customized. Having your clubs custom fitted will definitely do wonders to your game.

More often than not, brand name clubs are more expensive than those clubs that are customized. The main reason why you don’t often see or even hear a lot about customizing is because of lack of endorsements and advertising. Top Vclubshop brand clubs get a lot of those. Their advertising costs are unbelievably steep; they even pay some golf professionals to endorse their brand.

If you are planning to get your clubs custom fitted, make sure that you do it with a professional club fitter. These people have the experience and expertise to build custom golf clubs that suit you best, helping you lower your golf scores, regardless of your skill level.