How to Create Good and Effective Classified Ads

Don’t underestimate the power of classified ads, they can give your business access to new and wider markets. Classified ads are generally not expensive, some are even offered free. One of the options is to submit them online through the online classified ad directories or sites. Online submission of classified ads has many advantages related to the big market and flexibility. But one point, you need to make an effective ad to work. Here is the list you should consider in preparing ad to be submitted online.

The most important point is that your title should have keywords, the only things that make your ad arrives in front of prospective audience. It should be simple, but includes as many keywords as possible. If you sell a digital camera, then put the words  free classified ads posting sites “digital camera” in the title, that simple. It makes distinct boundary between ads that turn out in the top list and ads that get buried nowhere in the list. Putting an interesting advertising word near the keywords such as “excellent”, “guarantee”, “best”, and their kinds is also a good option. Otherwise, put emotional words such as “feel” and “enjoy”. Your ad should look different.

You should make clear, short, and interesting description about your products or services. Place the same keywords as those in the title, they will get indexed well by search engines. Do not let it be too long, unless you write about the benefits, features, or product characteristics. They are the most important selling points you should include in the item description, and even these shouldn’t be too detailed. The audiences are online, they can get to other ads as soon as making a click. If they can not find valuable content in the description at a glance, they will leave the ad.

Put your contact information such as name, phone number, website, and email is important to assure your credibility to audience. If you have a business name, put it on top of your classified ad. Make it easy for audience to contact you when any further information is needed. It is also your chance to provide more detailed information about the products or services.

It is god to state your price to attract serious audience. It is a strength point that many buyers look for before making decision, especially if you offer a competitive price. Otherwise, give some clues such as price range, discounts, and special offer. Some other marketing words will also work, such as “best deal” and “cheap”. In most cases, it is always best to provide price information or clues. If your price is higher than the market average, put more strength on your product’s advantages.

This includes whatever information or link that make your audience know where they can buy or get more information about the product. You can link to neutral sites that give reviews, your collection of testimonials from previous buyers, sites or videos that show simulation of product usage, or something like that. Imagine how you can collect all of these marketing supports freely by using online classified ads. This will help to assure and encourage audience to make purchase.

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