Magellan GPS Accessories – Discover The Accessories That Will Let You Get The Most Out of Your GPS

Beginning with antennas, the Magellan 980637 external antenna for the Meridian Color and RoadMate models, this is an antenna that is perfect for boats or RV’s. It has a nine foot cable and a built-in signal amplifier. The addition of this antenna will help maximize the accuracy and efficiency of the Magellan Meridian Color. Another antenna that is currently on sale is the Magellan 980639 FX324 Map external gps antenna. This is great for when the gps receiver is inside the boat, below deck in the cabin and the external antenna would be installed outside, above deck for optimal gps satellite receiving.

Depending on which model of Magellan gps you have, you might want to invest in a carrying case for when you take the gps unit out of the car and carry it with you. There are many styles and types of carrying cases, one perfect for every style unit. Most of the Magellan accessories such as the carrying cases are made of quality leather or a durable nylon. And all of the carrying cases have one thing in common; they are made to protect the Magellan gps receiver from damage by using extra padding and soft, durable nylon or leather. Some of the Magellan gps receiver carrying cases come with a belt clip for the handheld portable units. Others, like for the larger, Deck installation Meridian ID RV and Semi units, come with a strap for easy of carrying. All the carrying cases are black with royal blue lettering which reads Magellan.

There are currently 15 maps on CD-ROM’s available for you to purchase and download onto your computer and transfer onto your Magellan gps receiver. There are maps of Europe, Canada; MapSend Topo is a 3D topographical style map of the Untied States, Canada and Mexico. Each point shows its elevation, which is useful for hikers, bikers and hunters. The MapSend DirectRoute is a turn-by-turn visual street guide for your Magellan gps unit. This adds capabilities of marking waypoints and then tracking points to help you in the outdoors when you use the Magellan as a handheld. The MapSend DirectRoute also comes with millions of POI preprogrammed and the ‘easy turning’ feature allows you to take a detour when you’ve missed a turn without having to turn around.

Other Magellan gps accessories include the Pre-authorized SD card for various models. It’s a memory card already programmed with maps with a variety of states and cities already on it. You just plug it into the gps and go. Each card has an extensive list of POI and several million commonly requested stops such as ATM’s, parks, rest areas and restaurants. Magellan also carries blank memory cards so you can fill with your own maps.