The Key to the LED TV Development Is High-Efficiency Components

LED television refers to a LCD television that illuminates the display of image by placing LEDs around the outside perimeter of the screen or by setting the them across the whole back of the display. It is an upgraded version of LCD TV which uses fluorescent lights in it basically. LED televisions could be installed with over a thousand LED lights inside, which can be dimmed or go out after a certain amount of use on the television. Though the picture is remarkably better with higher definition in colors and graphics, it sometimes can be a pain to have all of the burnt out LEDs replaced.

Technology is developing so kodi 911 not working quickly that the thickness of LED TV is only one inch or so compared with old thick television set. It is convenient to installing and relocating this device. The main reason LED television brought to the market is because it can provide deep colors like black that LCD TV fails to illuminate. This new technology with richer and deeper colors is more reliable than its older version.

Many manufacturers faced the issue of lowering the cost. Not only that of the LED itself, but also other aspects as light panel, optical film, structure and LED drive circuit. To solve this problem, the upper course companies should improve their production efficiency constantly. The trends for designing include introducing new technology, simplifying the structure, as well as with thinner panels, fewer films, simpler circuits and less LED tubes.

The availability and supply chain of the components are crucial for the backlighting technology of LED TV. They didn’t pose a threat thanks to the capacity expansion in 2010 except the light guide. Thus LED TV with thinner guide is the development direction for the technical innovation.

Another challenge is about heat emission, especially televisions with large screen. It is of vial importance to have a good thermal design since high temperature would shorten the lifespan of LED, disturb the structure, affect the illumination and other component’s longevity. Taken these into consideration, the balance between efficiency and cost is hard to keep. Generally, after comprehensive consideration, firms will choose a favorable solution that is bringing in some high-efficiency components.

Last but not least, is about power consumption. It is well known that some international energy saving agents like Energy Star have made orders for the consumption of LED TV, and Chinese government have unveiled the standard and marking system of energy effect.

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